Choosing to work with Diane may have been one of our very best decisions throughout the wedding planning process. Her professionalism and wonderful vendor recommendations paved the way to make our big day an enjoyable one. Our wedding was an easy and joy filled day for not only us, but all our friends and family, in large part due to Diane. Her guidance and attention to detail during the planning process set us up for great event. She really took the time to get to know us and ensure our wedding was special and unique to us. No challenge was too big, no call was too last minute, having her on our team made our road easier, less stressful and much more enjoyable! We are so grateful for all the hard work Diane and her team put in to making our big day such a special one!

Joanna & Coleman


Hiring Diane Davidson to fully plan and coordinate our wedding planning is the best decision we’ve made since deciding to get married! Diane is super professional, extremely knowledgeable and the most organized person we have ever met! Working with Diane helped to minimize the stress of wedding planning. She was constantly thinking five steps ahead which kept us ahead of schedule throughout the entire process. Because of this, the last few weeks before the wedding were calm and we were able to enjoy the pre-wedding festivities without worrying about last-minute decision. Diane’s connections in the wedding industry helped us to make informed decisions and stay within our budget. The day of our wedding was absolutely magical, and we were able to focus all of our energy on each other and our guests, while Diane ran the show. Because we worked with Diane throughout the entire planning process, she really understood our vision and helped to execute it perfectly. We highly recommend hiring Diane to help plan your wedding to make sure that your special day is fun, low-stress and exactly how you imagine it!

Caitlin & Ulrik


If it wasn’t for Diane, I don’t believe our wedding would have been as carefree. My husband and I were able to relax leading up to the wedding because of the amazing help. She was always available, knew a lot abot her work, and made planning a wedding enjoyable. Thank you so much for the hard work and helping us make our special day amazing!

Stephanie & Ryan

Working with Diane throughout the planning of our wedding was an absolute delight. Her organization, attention to detail and knowledge of the wedding industry helped make the entire process easy, manageable and most importantly, stress-free. Her interest in us as a couple ensured that she had a clear understanding of what we wanted in our wedding and it was clear from the start that she was committed to ensuring that we had the wedding we wanted and that we were happy throughout the whole process. Diane’s involvement in our wedding greatly reduced the amount of stress we felt during the planning process and allowed us to truly enjoy our wedding day to the fullest. To us our wedding was perfect, it was everything we wanted and more and we could not have done it without Diane!

Lisa & Jordan

Diane is super organized which is what every bride needs. From the first meeting to the wedding day, Diane had every aspect of what a wedding entails sorted out. On my actual wedding day, Diane was a huge help and definitely shined. She managed to make what we talked about and what I dreamed my wedding day to look like come to life. I would definitely recommend Diane Davidson to be a part of your wedding plans!

Kendra & Garett